Casually Chic in Pants

Be casually chic, but don’t skip the fun in creating a look that is personal and unique to  your style! Change the look of your favorite cargos, capris or jeans with these fun tips! Add a fun top with multiple textures and colors to show off a new way to wear pants. Being casual doesn’t have to be boring… Be ready to steal these looks!

Casual Chic

Chic in Cargo!

  • A pair of pants can go a long way when you pair it with the right items to create a look that expresses your style. With a long sleeved top that has a unique design in the back, a large bag and a fun pair of shoes, you can look fashionable in cargo! Add some linked chains with a large stone pendant and a linked silver bracelet to top off your casually chic look anywhere you decide to venture.

Casually Chic

Casually Chic


Casual Rollover Knit

  • Global Village Kailua carries multiple colors of the knit rollover crochet pants that is a must to add to your wardrobe! The bottom flare & crochet detail brings comfy to a whole new level. It looks great with a high-low tank designed with lace trimmings. Complete this look with a stripe colorful cotton tote and gold flats for an instant head to toe style.

Casually Chic

Casually Chic


Casually Chic




Gift Giving Season Starts Soon

Global Village Black Friday 2015

Shop at Global Village Kailua on Friday November 27th from 8am to 8pm


‘Tis the season to totally think ALOHA

Gift Giving Season Shopping Starts Here

Join the Global Gals for the start of the Gift Giving Season.  On Friday, Nov 27th, from 8am to 10am receive 30% off & from 10am-8pm 25% off.

Black Friday give-a-ways

Black Friday give-a-ways

Global Village carries a variety of locally made products; tees, accessories, jewelry, gifts.  Let the the Global Gals assist you in finding the unique gift.

On Nov. 28th #shopsmall for Small Business Saturday, or at  Global Village Shaka Saturday where all regular priced items are 20% off.  Show your shaka and say secret shaka sale to receive an additional 5% off regular priced items.

Questions ? ask a Global Gal.

Unique gifts for everyone.

Unique gifts for everyone


Fall for Fashion!

Pumpkins, spiced lattes and starry nights are treasured fall memories.  Compliment fall fashion with warm tones of natural colors and comfy trends.


Fall for Layers

Long Maxi Tube, Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet

Fall for Layers!

Living near a beach in Hawaii brings the ocean breeze and cooling temperatures. Prepare for any function with cute layers of color, style and fashion. Transform 2 articles of clothing into different looks and add accessories to maximize your wardrobe.  Fall in Love with Fashion over again each day!

  • Dress up a basic long tube maxi by layering a Bohemian Inspired Embroidered top to create a resort casual look on a cool day. There are also different colors of maxi dresses that you can choose from! This timeless tube maxi can be worn on its own, transformed into a maxi skirt or worn with a vest or buttoned up shirt.
Fall for Layers

Long Maxi Tube, Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet


Fall for Layers

Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet


Let your Layers Fall!

  • With a cute Floral Kimono, you can layer a basic low back maxi to change the appearance of your entire look. Blending solid colors with floral accents. Layering reveals the simple and creative ways to spruce up any fall look. You can dress up a basic solid dress or cover up a simple bikini for that Sunday pool party. Whatever you decide, a floral kimono top will allow you to enjoy the comfort and trends that fall with layers.
Fall for Layer

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Floral Kimona, Long Tassel Necklace, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet


Fall for Layers

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Floral Kimono, Long Tassel Necklace, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet


2back dress

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet and dangle hoop earrings


Today is Your Day!

Begin each day like ‘Today is Your Day!”

With the month of October already upon us, we remember the women (and men) that have endured the many struggles that life gave them. We honor those that have inspired us…friends battling cancer or other personal struggles to continue to empower others by LIVING TODAY and being icons of life and love. Start your day with YOU! Find what fits your day at Global Village Kailua!

Wear Your Confidence!

Being confident is not about how one compares to another.  The best way to define it is how beautiful you feel and see yourself around others! Whether you’re in a pair of comfortable pants at a business meeting or out with your best friends, remember that “Today is Your Day!”

  • Pants don’t have to be boring, so try a new look with a Long Jumpsuit in multiple colors and an elastic belt to accentuate your body shape. Add a large bag in a bright color to stay organized and confident throughout the day. Walk tall with your head raised and your confidence will make any outfit that you create worth the time you put into it. Remember that your smile and your attitude in any room can transform the way you see yourself and how others see you.
Smile Today!

Long Sleeved Jumpsuit in Charcoal, Gold and Black Skinny Belt and Red Kelly Bag

Pants Today!

 Set Yourself Free!

Today is YOUR day! Why wait until tomorrow to set your worries, anxieties, insecurities and fears free when you can do it every morning. Although easier said than done, anything is possible if you make it possible! If you feel like escaping into a special place in your imagination or physical space in your surroundings, then take a deep breath and let it all go. Love what you do and enjoy the path that you can create for yourself.

  • In any style you decide to wear today, set yourself free by renewing your passion for life. Add color, patterns, flowers or simply state what you desire. It is the moments that take our breaths away that count each day. Pair an inspirational word tank with a floral kimono top and great elastic waist band capri pants for any activity or relaxation.
Escape Today!

“Escape” Rose Tank, Red Printed Top, Jetter Crop Neptune Pants and Gold Beaded Necklace

Silly Today!

Emoji Tease “Wink Pink Tongue” Pillow, “Escape” Rose Tank, Red Printed Top, Jetter Crop Neptune Pants and Gold Beaded Necklace

Express Yourself!

Express yourself with simplicity in your style. Create looks that will display your sense of who you are and what your fashion reveals!

  • With this cute pink and purple maxi, you can enjoy the feel of movement and grace with the flow of the dress. Accessories like a long lariat necklace and a cute floppy hat on a bright and sunny day can also highlight your look! Walk in the sunshine with ease… Let it all flow in your own way for Today is YOUR DAY!
Contemplate Today!

Triangle Long Maxi dress, Sienna Wide Brim Hat and Crystal Silver Lariat Necklace

Today is your Day Island Princess

Triangle Long Maxi dress, Sienna Wide Brim Hat and Crystal Silver Lariat Necklace

“May your nights be dark enough for you to close your eyes and dream for the bright day that is ahead of you!” -Pink in Honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Express Today!

Triangle Long Maxi dress, Sienna Wide Brim Hat and Crystal Silver Lariat Necklace


Newspaper Sellers to Boutique Owners


2015 Global Village summer window display

Global Village summer window display 2015

The end of September marks the 20th Anniversary for the neighborhood boutique, Global Village, in Kailua.  In the past twenty years the boutique has cultivated a strong following of loyal kama’ainas, to well-traveled tourists, and a sprinkling of passer-by celebrities, alike.  And on Friday September 25th thru Sunday September 27th Global Village will be celebrating with their annual 20% off anniversary sale and special purchase $20 tent sale.

Since 1995 Global Village has been in Kailua serving to inspire the fashionista in each of us.

Since 1995 Global Village has been in Kailua serving to inspire the fashionista in each of us.

As one of the best Kailua Neighborhood Boutiques, Global Village is filled with apparel, handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry, fashion jewelry, gifts, and accessories from around the globe. A one stop shop, the product mix is filled with at least 35% of its products from small businesses, eco-minded businesses, businesses that contribute a portion of their profits to charitable and fair trade organizations, Made in Hawaii designers, and products Made in the USA.

Early Entrepreneurship

Sunday Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper corner distribution site

Sunday Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper corner distribution site 1985 to 1992

The trio’s humble beginnings started with the Honolulu Star Bulletin, as a means to supplement the family household income and to put some money away for college back in the mid 80’s.  Sharrie was the Windward newspaper distributor and Debbie and Dawn (with their younger sister Kelly) were Sunday newspaper corner sellers.  The girls were staples on the bench of Safeway Aikahi and Craig’s Bakery.  Sacrificing their Saturday social nights and foregoing sleep to greet customers early Sunday mornings.

Evolution of Global Village Kailua

Global Village Beginnings

Windward Mall kiosk and Polynesian Cultural Center kiosk 1993-1994


Only the few die-hard customers know that the Native Hawaiian owned business started as a kisok at Windward Mall and Polynesian Cultural Center before settling in Kailua.

Boutique Dreams

The year and a half operating two kiosks and selling jewelry designs to Hilo Hatties helped the family open their first store front on Ku`ulei Road in Kailua.

Blessing of Global Village at first location in Kailua - 306 Ku`ulei Road in 1995

Blessing of Global Village at first location in Kailua – 306 Ku`ulei Road in 1995

Global Village Christmas pop up shop

Global Village Christmas pop up shop at Windward Mall 1997

Global Village store front at Kailua Village Shops

Global Village store front at Kailua Village Shops from 1999 to the present


Family First

Honolulu Star Bulletin Photo

Dawn holding daughter Lana and Debbie with daughter Hi`ilani unpacking merchandise, with camera-shy Sharrie hiding in the background . Photo originally published in the Honolulu Star Bulletin in 2004.

As long-time Kailua residents with ties to the military, Global Village is a Hawaiian family run business reflecting Kailua’s lifestyle, a town that is centered around family, environment, love of the ocean and outdoors, and connecting to people all around the globe.  Global Village Kailua Boutique’s style is a casual elegance that can take you from a day at the beach to an evening bbq or from grocery shopping to happy hour.  The charm of Kailua can also be felt throughout the boutique with special gift items and jewelry.  As the trio embark on their 20th year, the Native Hawaiian owned, mother, daughters team hope for twenty more in their Kailua neighborhood.

Bangle Bar with Girl Loves Sea

Join Global Village, as we continue to celebrate our 20th year in Kailua with our Bangle Bar on Saturday September 19th from 12pm to 1pm with artist Terumi Kawasaki from Girl Loves Sea.

Bangle Bar

Create your own custom bangle on Saturday September 19th from 12pm to 1pm

Customize your own sterling silver or 14kt gold filled bangle with handpicked shells OR bring in your own shell.  There will be an assortment of beads to choose from to add onto your bangle. Prices start at $44 with $3 extra for each add-on.

Bangle Bar

Custom creations

Bangles will take up to 10 days to complete with pick up at Global Village.  Shipping will also be available for additional cost.  Enjoy complimentary Hula Hula ice tea from Lanikai resident Malia Haumschild.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          History

Terumi is a textile artist and an original Global Girl, whose jewelry inspiration comes from the vibrant colors she sees while diving and hiking.  She has designed for all the major aloha print labels, in addition to Sears, Kahala, Quicksilver, Disney, Punahou and Roberts Hawaii to name a few.

Bangle Bar

Shells to choose from at the bangle bar

Growing up in Kaneohe, Terumi’s favorite memory of Kailua is the beach park. Playing on the beach all day in elementary school, and watching  the meteor showers on the same beach at night with her high school friends.  “Kailua was the closest, nicest beach to Kaneohe. Since I grew up in Kaneohe, Kailua was always the “cool” place to go to for having… kind of a hippy vibe. My friends and I would catch bus to go to the Salvation Army for vintage clothes and check out Hungry Ear and The Source Natural Foods!” said Terumi.   “And of course Daiei was a regular thing for our Japanese family!”

Meet Terumi on Sat. Sept. 19th from 12pm to 1pm at Global Village Kailua phone 262-8183.


Meet Artist Colleen Wilcox


Meet artist Colleen Wilcox on Saturday, September 12th from 12pm to 1pm at Global Village Kailua. Colleen will be signing pre-purchased prints and poster-sized art prints at the meet and greet to kick off Global Village Kailua’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Colleen Wilcox Honu Kai Creation

Colleen Wilcox creates acrylic on canvas paintings and is known for her swirling fluid style with use of vibrant colors.

Colleen Wilcox Inspiration:

Colleen Wilcox Cosmic Surf

Colleen is inspired by her beautiful natural surroundings and enjoys surfing and spending time near the ocean. Her deep love for Hawaii and the island lifestyle is reflected continuously throughout her work.


When asked about her thoughts of Kailua, Colleen responded, “My best memory of Kailua was coming to visit my grandparents who lived one house in from the beach in Kailua. My brother and I would spend all day boogie boarding non-stop in the waves. We always had the best time ever!”

Spice Up Your Life

Spice it Up!”

With every great dessert or spice, presentation or surprise, we know that heightening the excitement one step further comes with extra, yet simple details. It may not be for everyone’s liking, but one small gesture can also liven up your whole look or finish the collaboration of it all.  Accessories that make every moment memorable can also serve as functioning mementos for future occasions which can save time, too! For example, add a favorite scarf and hat with your basic dress to a summer evening on the sand or a pair of sandals that match your jewelry to compliment any outfit.  Let each detail dictate itself with what you choose to pair it with and see what memories, classic looks or adventures you’ve created in the end!


Star & Spice

Shell Starfish Gold Charm Bracelet

Mermaid Spice

Zinc Mermaid Necklace & Crystal Topaz Necklace

Spice Layers

Long 7 Layer Gold Necklace

Spice Shell

X-Shell Gold Necklace Medium Chain


Have a HAT day, ANY way!

A hat doesn’t have to hide a bad day! Make it spice up your look by topping off your outside event, holding your hairstyle in place throughout the day or revealing your sultry eyes on a romantic getaway.


Fedora Hat & Quartz Druzy GF Necklace


Santa Cruz Wide Floppy Hat, Starfish Charm Silver Bracelet & Starfish Silver Necklace Cream Charms & Tabitha Skinny Black Belt


Complete your look by adding a tint of silver accessories that incorporates a layer of your style and grace with everything that you create! Handmade designs created locally also create a memory that brightly holds every story behind it.


Takobia Flower Cutwork Cuff & Starfish Charm Silver Bracelet



Spice up your look with a bag that holds all of your necessary things to match what and where you will be going throughout the day! May it also complete your look when you’re on the move instead of hold you down! Carry all that you need in your ideal bag or style!


White Shoulder Bag



Envelope Clutch in Green

Color with Style in a Black & White World!

Color brings style to your life in a black and white world!

We all know how slimming, simple and basic the color black can be in your closet when that is all you have. Don’t get us wrong, but it is definitely something easy to wear! However, by bringing colors into your style and mixing them up with other colors, it won’t only make you glow more and accentuate your physical appearance… It will also make you feel brighter and lively! It will only compliment when you try on different colors to find what looks good on your skin tone (especially after sun kissed days) from ocean themes to nature motifs. Remember some items may appear one way until you transform it with your life!


Your energy everyday can easily be transformed when you step into a basic and individually fitted item for you summer body! This dress comes in many colors for you to choose from and then you can express how you feel through what you’re wearing any day! Become the color that completes your look!

The Color Red

Basic Strapless Dress in Red, but Global Village carries many different colors!!


The ocean, the sky and that twinkle in your eye are a few things that we all can relate to when we see the color blue, so why not add it to your wardrobe and feel true in blue! Add texture or multiple fabric options like chiffon to your preference!

True Color Blue

A Line Pleat Royal Blue Strapless Dress

More Blue? Want sleeves too? Don’t forget to try the many different styles to fit your preference on your perfect look!

Royal Blue Color

Solid Shift Dress in Royal Blue

Just Bloom into Color!

Bloom in Color

Stretch Floral Guaze Dress


Have FUN!

Creativity comes with the idea that what you want to portray develops from your inner desire to be different and unique. With fashion and style, you are given the chance to be exactly as you wish by adding that extra dash of FUN! If you love something that much to wear it or you have memories that linger with a certain item, ignite the artist within you to play around with things that you may not have ever thought of wearing or looking at what might enhance your look!

Here are some ways that you can transform your bold piece or inspiration to start modifying your ideas!


Lady in Red!

Lady of the Color Red

Basic Strapless Dress in Red & Floral sleeveless LL Bridgehampton Top Red

Princess Charming

Color Royalty

Solid Shift Royal Blue Dress, Long 7 Layer Gold Chain Necklace & Envelope Clutch in Green

Beautiful Wildflower

Color your Life!

Stretch Floral Guaze Dress

Absolutely White, Absolutely Right!

There’s nothing better than feeling perfect in your own skin.

Absolutely Right!

By finding your own style, your true beauty will reveal itself. Even in the absence of color, you will find simplicity and purity.

Absolutely White!

Finding the right styles that fit your liking will help you feel comfortable and completely you!

Embroidered Top Isadora White


Island Beauty

Learn to love who you are by feeling comfortable in whatever you wear. Find what works for you! An embroidered button-up top can be worn in multiple ways like as a cover up paired with a comfy tank in purple on this Island Beauty! The contrast of white and bold adds fun, style and transforms your look instantly! You can be “absolutely white” & “absolutely right” the way you are!

Island Beauty

Embroidered Top Isadora White and Balimoon Short Embroidered in White


Life in Paradise

Life doesn’t have to be difficult even if you don’t want to make it “absolutely white!” A touch of paradise and slight tilt to your style will embellish any look you create! Just add a fedora hat paired with a multi-colored scarf to an oversized white top and cute shorts where ever you want to share your presence. Wear your top “off-the-shoulder” to add variety to your look!

"Absolutely White"

Rayon Lawn Embroidered Ivory Top and Balimoon Short Embroidered in White


Free like the Sea

The breeze and motion of the ocean is like your own style and grace. Be free like the sea by adding this embroidered white top to an asymmetrical dress and transform both pieces into absolute beauty! You have freedom to wear which ever look you decide to keep or change throughout your day, event or evening out. Having two different options will help you feel free and “absolutely right.”

"Absolutely White"

Rayon Lawn Embroidered Ivory Top, Balimoon Maxi Dress & White Shoulder Bag


“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” -Coco Chanel