The Famous Bralettes

Bralettes at Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach and the famous bralettes

Why do we love these amazing fashion basics? It’s because they are one size fits most, are comfortable and priced right. And yes, we mean all bralettes are something you can’t live without. Once you buy one, you’ll keep on coming back for more. Having one in every style and in every color is a must. The seamless pieces have many different designs to fit everyone’s needs. Some style choices consist of more straps for that extra support where it’s needed. And other styles give you less support with ten times the style. From cross front to x-back, you can spice up your style with these options.

Bralettes Let You be Creative with Fashion!

Creative Bralettes Fashion

Creative Bralette Fashion

Bralettes don’t just have one sole purpose, use your imagination! If you want to walk the beach, grab your favorite and you’re good to go. Have to sit through a three-hour meeting or class, dress for comfort in one of these.  Rushing from work to cocktail hour, take off that jacket and add a colorful layer. Wearing a backless top or dress, throw one of these lightweight pieces on to take your outfit up a notch. They add a pop of color to our outfit and add to our personal style. These are so comfortable, you can sleep in them.  Let your body breath and you’ll fall in love with the comfort these bring.

One Size Fits Most Bralettes

Think they won’t fit? Don’t knock it till you try it ! Each will stretch and form to your body to become a perfect match for you. Go ahead and try something new, these bralettes are the perfect place to start. Whatever style you choose is a life saver and you’ll wish you you’d grabbed more sooner. Global Village has you covered.

Casually Chic in Pants

Be casually chic, but don’t skip the fun in creating a look that is personal and unique to  your style! Change the look of your favorite cargos, capris or jeans with these fun tips! Add a fun top with multiple textures and colors to show off a new way to wear pants. Being casual doesn’t have to be boring… Be ready to steal these looks!

Casual Chic

Chic in Cargo!

  • A pair of pants can go a long way when you pair it with the right items to create a look that expresses your style. With a long sleeved top that has a unique design in the back, a large bag and a fun pair of shoes, you can look fashionable in cargo! Add some linked chains with a large stone pendant and a linked silver bracelet to top off your casually chic look anywhere you decide to venture.

Casually Chic

Casually Chic


Casual Rollover Knit

  • Global Village Kailua carries multiple colors of the knit rollover crochet pants that is a must to add to your wardrobe! The bottom flare & crochet detail brings comfy to a whole new level. It looks great with a high-low tank designed with lace trimmings. Complete this look with a stripe colorful cotton tote and gold flats for an instant head to toe style.

Casually Chic

Casually Chic


Casually Chic




Fall for Fashion!

Pumpkins, spiced lattes and starry nights are treasured fall memories.  Compliment fall fashion with warm tones of natural colors and comfy trends.


Fall for Layers

Long Maxi Tube, Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet

Fall for Layers!

Living near a beach in Hawaii brings the ocean breeze and cooling temperatures. Prepare for any function with cute layers of color, style and fashion. Transform 2 articles of clothing into different looks and add accessories to maximize your wardrobe.  Fall in Love with Fashion over again each day!

  • Dress up a basic long tube maxi by layering a Bohemian Inspired Embroidered top to create a resort casual look on a cool day. There are also different colors of maxi dresses that you can choose from! This timeless tube maxi can be worn on its own, transformed into a maxi skirt or worn with a vest or buttoned up shirt.
Fall for Layers

Long Maxi Tube, Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet


Fall for Layers

Bohemian Embroidered top, fedora hat, chandelier earrings, large stone ring, seashell wristlet and beaded bracelet


Let your Layers Fall!

  • With a cute Floral Kimono, you can layer a basic low back maxi to change the appearance of your entire look. Blending solid colors with floral accents. Layering reveals the simple and creative ways to spruce up any fall look. You can dress up a basic solid dress or cover up a simple bikini for that Sunday pool party. Whatever you decide, a floral kimono top will allow you to enjoy the comfort and trends that fall with layers.
Fall for Layer

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Floral Kimona, Long Tassel Necklace, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet


Fall for Layers

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Floral Kimono, Long Tassel Necklace, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet


2back dress

Embroidered Low Back Solid Maxi, Large stone ring, starfish link bracelet and dangle hoop earrings


Newspaper Sellers to Boutique Owners


2015 Global Village summer window display

Global Village summer window display 2015

The end of September marks the 20th Anniversary for the neighborhood boutique, Global Village, in Kailua.  In the past twenty years the boutique has cultivated a strong following of loyal kama’ainas, to well-traveled tourists, and a sprinkling of passer-by celebrities, alike.  And on Friday September 25th thru Sunday September 27th Global Village will be celebrating with their annual 20% off anniversary sale and special purchase $20 tent sale.

Since 1995 Global Village has been in Kailua serving to inspire the fashionista in each of us.

Since 1995 Global Village has been in Kailua serving to inspire the fashionista in each of us.

As one of the best Kailua Neighborhood Boutiques, Global Village is filled with apparel, handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry, fashion jewelry, gifts, and accessories from around the globe. A one stop shop, the product mix is filled with at least 35% of its products from small businesses, eco-minded businesses, businesses that contribute a portion of their profits to charitable and fair trade organizations, Made in Hawaii designers, and products Made in the USA.

Early Entrepreneurship

Sunday Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper corner distribution site

Sunday Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper corner distribution site 1985 to 1992

The trio’s humble beginnings started with the Honolulu Star Bulletin, as a means to supplement the family household income and to put some money away for college back in the mid 80’s.  Sharrie was the Windward newspaper distributor and Debbie and Dawn (with their younger sister Kelly) were Sunday newspaper corner sellers.  The girls were staples on the bench of Safeway Aikahi and Craig’s Bakery.  Sacrificing their Saturday social nights and foregoing sleep to greet customers early Sunday mornings.

Evolution of Global Village Kailua

Global Village Beginnings

Windward Mall kiosk and Polynesian Cultural Center kiosk 1993-1994


Only the few die-hard customers know that the Native Hawaiian owned business started as a kisok at Windward Mall and Polynesian Cultural Center before settling in Kailua.

Boutique Dreams

The year and a half operating two kiosks and selling jewelry designs to Hilo Hatties helped the family open their first store front on Ku`ulei Road in Kailua.

Blessing of Global Village at first location in Kailua - 306 Ku`ulei Road in 1995

Blessing of Global Village at first location in Kailua – 306 Ku`ulei Road in 1995

Global Village Christmas pop up shop

Global Village Christmas pop up shop at Windward Mall 1997

Global Village store front at Kailua Village Shops

Global Village store front at Kailua Village Shops from 1999 to the present


Family First

Honolulu Star Bulletin Photo

Dawn holding daughter Lana and Debbie with daughter Hi`ilani unpacking merchandise, with camera-shy Sharrie hiding in the background . Photo originally published in the Honolulu Star Bulletin in 2004.

As long-time Kailua residents with ties to the military, Global Village is a Hawaiian family run business reflecting Kailua’s lifestyle, a town that is centered around family, environment, love of the ocean and outdoors, and connecting to people all around the globe.  Global Village Kailua Boutique’s style is a casual elegance that can take you from a day at the beach to an evening bbq or from grocery shopping to happy hour.  The charm of Kailua can also be felt throughout the boutique with special gift items and jewelry.  As the trio embark on their 20th year, the Native Hawaiian owned, mother, daughters team hope for twenty more in their Kailua neighborhood.

Mother Earth Would Be Thankful

Mother Earth would be thankful that Global Village supports her gifts:  fresh air, cool breezes and gentle showers.  Here is a sampling of what they are doing to help preserve Mother Earth for the future.

Siganka White Cotton Tunic

Siganka White Cotton Tunic

Up-cycled Displays

About 90% of Global Village’s displays are up-cycled or are reused.  Twenty years ago, when Global Village was born,  the family trio went dumpster diving to retrieve glass shelving and metal brackets to display all their unique finds, which is still used today.  Other metal & glass displays purchased were from a reused display and fixture distributor.  Our newest addition are recycled wood fixtures made from reused boat wood or truck bed wood, and other wood fixtures and shelving are from scrap pieces of wood.

Recycled Boat Wood

Display made out of recycled boat wood


Support Business that keep Mother Earth in mind

About 35% of Global Village’s product mix is supplied by vendors that are eco and socially conscious.  Kuma Sunglass is one of them.  They plant a tree for each Kuma Sunglass sold, and year to date has planted 125 trees from Global Village sales alone. Simbi is another, where sales from their hair ties goes toward installing water filtration systems in Haiti. And Brass Cove microfiber towels donates to Splash, an organization that ensures clean water for keiki.

Kuma Sunglass - Dragon

Handcrafted sustainable bamboo temple frames by Kuma Sunglass

Stay Local

Local artisans and designers are a large part of Global Village’s product mix.  We support many local businesses that keep the earth in mind.  A couple of them are Ecolicious and Kane Clothing Company.  Ecolicious uses organic cotton to produce tees and handbags, and Kane Clothing Company is a Native Hawaiian Owned apparel establishment.  By utilizing local resources, Global Village reduces the amount of carbon emissions it uses to transport otherwise imported goods.


Ecolicious is Made in Hawaii with organic cotton

Shop with a Reusable Tote

Global Village’s reusable tote policy has been in affect for almost 10 years.  Encouraging customers to reuse totes has given Global Village the opportunity to donate to non-profits and reduce their overall carbon footprint of running a retail establishment.

mother earth tote

Global Village Reusable Tote

Give Back

Throughout the almost twenty years Global Village has been in business, the retail store has always given back to non-profits in their community.  Whether it be through a monetary or product donation, donating labor or time, or raising awareness, Global Village is trying to do their part in making the world a better place.


Ho`okua`aina in Maunawili Kailua

Hang your Laundry

Global Village recommends “hang to dry” for most of the garments sold.  It preserves the fabric and extends the life of the garment as well as saves energy.

mother earth

Air drying laundry helps reduce the amount of energy you use.


Ho`okua`aina in Kailua

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At Ho`okua`aina in Kailua O`ahu special things are happening and each time you bring a re-usable tote to shop at Global Village Kailua, a donation will be made to their organization.

Ho`okua`aina, Kapalai Farm, Mauanawili

Kapalai Farm, Mauanawili

What is Ho`okua`aina?

Ho`okua`aina is a Hawaiian culture based non-profit organization working to build community from the ground up by offering hands on culture-based educational programs for youth and families on an organic kalo farm.

Ho'okua'aina home page images

The Wilhelm `Ohana created a gathering place for people in the community to connect, using their land as a learning center.  Ho‘okua‘aina offers a Hawaiian culture-based organic farming program for families of Windward O‘ahu that emphasizes experiential learning, reflection, mentor-based instruction and direct involvement in cultivating community and the abundance of the land.  Their goal is to  keep traditions alive, restoring ‘āina to abundance and ensuring that ancient knowledge is passed on to future generations.

Global Village loves what they do!  To find out more information about Ho`okua`aina, schedule a site visit, or to donate go to

ho`okua`aina, kapalai farm

Kapalai Farm, Maunawili


Cheer in the New Year Kailua Style!

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Cheer in the New Year

2014 is coming to a close and celebrations are in full swing.  End 2014 with a bang and cheer in the new year Kailua style.  Aren’t you so wanting the perfect outfit for your next party?  There’s nothing better than hitting up end of year sales.  Global Village Kailua’s sale begins with savings ranging between 50% and 75% off original prices.  Not only can you find the perfect outfit and accessories but also choose from tons of Christmas decorations and goodies for the home.  There are lots of steals and deals to check out.

 Cheer in the New Year

What’s best to wear to ring in the New Year?  We say dress it up.  Anything sparkly, red, silver or gold is a sure bet.  Of course, you can never go wrong with a LBD.  Accessorize with statement or layered jewelry to complete the look.  Thinking of going a little more casual?  One of the best ways to cheer in the New Year Kailua style is kicking off your heals, grabbing flip flops and heading down to the beach.  Whatever your plans, enjoy spending time with family and friends…..and don’t forget the bubbly.

cheer in the new year

Mustache Update in Kailua

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Are Mustaches starting to appear everywhere?  Is your man starting to get a little scruffy?  Is it getting fuzzier at the office?  Well, now you know you have hit the month of MOVEMBER. Movember is a blend of the words “mustache” and “November”,  a movement started by the Movember Foundation which raises a lot of money to fund men’s health programs in over 20 countries.   The foundation has headed an annual movement since 2004 in which razors are left in cupboards or drawers for a month to grow facial hair to raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other men’s health issues.

Mustache Sister

Mustache Sister

Mustache Sisters

The goal of Movember is to raise awareness and “change the face of men’s health”.   So, the Mo- Sisters of Global Village are hopping on the “bandwagon/shopping cart” to help spread the word for our Mo-Brothers by encouraging our loved ones to get regular check ups.  And you can do the same.  Not sure if we’d like to have fuzzy legs for awareness, but we will definitely sport a stache for the cause.

Mustache Sister

Mustache Sister


Global Girl Fall Trends

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Global Girl Fall Trends

Global Girl Fall Trends

Fall is in full swing.  Mounds of pumpkins, bags of candy, and witches and ghostly garb are around every corner.  The excitement of Halloween is in the air and cooler temperatures are right around the corner.  Oh and we can’t forget our pumpkin spiced lattes.  The flavors of fall at Global Village add spice to your life. Spruce up your wardrobe with Global Girl Fall Trends.

Global Girl Fall Trends 2

Global Girl Fall Trends: Colors to Fall for

Color continues to be big and the Global Girl Fall Trend colors are bright cherry, fuchsia, lime, cobalt and yellow. There’s no need to stick to common fall colors such as black and brown.  It’s time to spice it up.   Mix and match bright colors with denim, olive, navy or charcoal.  Two of Global Village’s favorite color pairings are yellow with olive and fuchsia with navy.  Another way to add color is with bright colored accessories like handbags and bright shoes.  Global Village offers a wide assortment of scarves.  Be creative and use your scarf as a fun vest too!

Global Girl Fall Trends 3

Global Girl Fall Trends:  Prints to Fall for

Global Girl Fall Trends include so many options for prints.  There’s sure to be a print that works for you.

Fall floral prints provide a flirty feminine touch and comes in hues of burgundy, teals, and black.  Pair florals with solids to let the print stand out on its own. Or if you dare… mix and match your prints to create a look all your own.  Print on print can work if you tie in similar colors or patterns.

Bold graphic prints bring out our inner artist.  You can literally be a walking piece of art.  Local artists all around Hawaii have moved their artwork from canvas and prints to wearable shirts, dresses and caps.  We can’t get enough of  this trend. Our favorites include painted caps and printed clutches.  They provide just the right touch to spice up your fall style.

And of course we can’t forget animal print.  It’s a trend that will never go out of style.  What we love seeing is animal print mixed with the fall color trends.  This twist brings out the animal in all of us.  How can anyone pass this up?

These Global Girls Fall Trends are just what we need to spice up our looks for fall.

Global Girl Inspiration

Global Girl Inspiration

Global Girl Inspiration

Global Girl, Lindsay Takekawa, is inspired by her mom who is a breast cancer survivor.  The 22 year old Global Girl describes her mom, Rena Kawehionapua, as an example of strength and positivity.  Lindsay remembers, that after being diagnosed in 2001 with breast cancer, her mom went through chemotherapy for 6 months, had 36 radiation treatments 5 days a week, and had a lumpectomy.  “I was so young at the time that I just remember my mom still doing what she always did, providing for us, cleaning, living her life as she did before her diagnosis,” which included being a wife and mom – raising her two daughters and son, and working as a concierge at the Halekulani Hotel.  

Global Girl Style

Rena expressed that her favorite fashion advisors are her daughters. Her current fashion favorites are cardigans and kimono cover-ups like the one pictured, and she loves the floral dress she chose to model from Global Village because of its “flowiness, light, smiley color and delicate florals”.  Living life to the fullest, Rena has been shark cage diving, swimming with the whales and dolphins, and most recently riding in a helicopter.  However, she loves to read and bake, especially butter mochi for her favorite Global Girl.  Rena thoroughly believes that God gives everyone trials to overcome, and that she lives a blessed life with a beautiful family.

Global Girl Style

Global Girl Style

Global Girl Reflection

Throughout the 19 years in Kailua, Global Village has heard many triumphant stories like Rena’s.   And with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we think pink and draw inspiration from the strength of these women.  Add a hint of pink to your life this month with one of our favorite basics, the bra top, pictured below.  The softness provides comfort and has been worn by many women that have undergone treatment.  Available in an array of colors, its versatility allows it to be worn alone, peaking under a top, or as a comfy bra.

Global Girl Comfort

Global Girl Comfort